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Project Description

RFID Tire Tag

RFID Tire Tag description

Soft : never worry about any hurting to your tire

Thickness: 4mm

Uses Alien H3、Impinj Monza 4 or as your required chip
Frequency: 860~960MHZ
Non-contact reading, reading distance:1-10cm, you do not need touch the tag.

Usage life 20 years
Write Endurance 100000 times
Memory Retention 10 years

Michelin used the RFID Tire Tags

You can not miss it

rfid tire tag

Material: Rubber      Size:95*35*4mm

Where RFID Tire Tag Used?

RFID tire tags suitable for management of inventory, production, traceability, transportation, access, annual inspection, racing.

What you can get from RFID Tire Tag?

RFID tire tags application, making the tire in the production, storage, sales, use, renovation and other aspects of the data are automatically collected and accompanied by tire life-long use. Through the collection of large data, enterprises can use different tires to improve the process more suitable for different users, to extend the service life of the tire.

It’s a good way to protect your tire from exchange by other renovated.

Size: 85*1.2mm, PCB3.7mm

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