RFID Nail Tag

Shape: Nail like but not hurting
LF, HF, UHF customized as your need
Non-contact reading
Material: ABS Color: White or Black
White size: 34*23*7mm
Each tag come with a unique ID number
Weight: 1.25g
Suitable for electric drill make a hole of 6*35mm
Working temperature: -40℃-85℃

rfid nail tags
RFID Nail tags

You get nothing in front of a lot of trees
A green hand cannot know the name, age, Cultivating situation.
There is no basis to study to find out the best one.

nail tags application

Everyone can be the specialist of trees with the help of RFID tree nail tag. Get the name, age,the situation of growing in seconds. According to the records of several years, you can know how to select the superior and eliminate the inferior.

Why use RFID Nail Tag

1/ Sunny day or rainy day, the RFID tree nail tags are
still workable outside. The glue protects the chip inside totally.
2/ It’s small size, looks harmonious when
installing in the wood, pallet or trees.
3 /Big size for UHF chip, you can get the
data at the distance of 60-70cm.

RFID nail tag is an RFID traceable identification device for trees and wood assortments.

Applicable to a variety of non-metallic items management, security inspection. What’s more, packaging logo, vehicle identification, park management, tree management, and other asset identification management system.

The benefits of RFID tree nail tags

Fast, secure installation – RFID Nail tags are easily driven into place, and are nearly impossible to remove.
Reliability – high resistance to moisture, thermal fluctuation, vibration, and shock. Can be operated in wide temperature ranges. Suitable for being mounted in the tree and wooden.
Recording- Record all information from sapling to towering trees.
Tracking- Furniture factory can know the wood from which place is the best choice.

RFID Nail tag

RFID Nail Tag For Trees

The ancient and famous trees are implanted with RFID electronic chips. First, the information about the trees’ age, subject, and survival status are input into the chip.

RFID nail made of plastic will not adversely affect the health of the trees, and no battery will be installed in the chip.

After implantation, the chip will be activated by an RFID data collector to read the trees’ information stored in the chip. Once the tree is sick, the manager can see at a glance the previous information on the RFID nail tag.

Such as when to water, what fertilizer has been given, what disease has occurred, whether to move house, etc.

We can use RFID nail for trees, to know how much the tree shakes when the wind blows, and if it does, it needs to support the tree in advance.


RFID Nail tag

The gardener through the RFID device to read the trees’ information, and send the real-time feedback to the background system through the mobile Internet. If a problem is found, the software will alert the operator by way of a prompt box, and the problem will be directly located in the map to facilitate timely monitoring by business personnel.

The system consists of three parts, namely monitoring management system, RFID handheld devices, RFID nail tags.

Hand hold terminal is a professional application software deployed in the RFID hand-held equipment. Through the equipment, the patrol staff can scan the information of the RFID nails hidden in the trees within 50 cm.

Through the reporting function of the mobile application, the scene images and problems are sent to the command center immediately.

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