These types of tags are available in many frequencies that include
Designed to assist food safety and provide trace-ability throughout the supply chain

Material: ABS + Steel reinforced

Size: 36*23*11cm/36*26*12.5mm, Steel length: 28mm, Diameter: 1.5mm

  • Strain relief Test
  • Chip Reading Test
  • Bending Test
rfid seal tag

1/ ABS Coat

Resistance to chemical, anti-corrosion, anti-flaming, protect the seal lock perfectly.

seal tag

2/ Anti-dismantle

One time use with the anti-stripping buckle device, suitable for prevention of thievery.

rfid seal steel

3/ Metal wire

Diameter=1.5mm metal wire is able to withstand extreme tension. The length can be customized according to your project.

RFID Seal Functions

rfid seal for cable
rfid seal for machine
rfid seal management

The RFID Seals allow a quick read of whether the package or container is open, closed, or has been tampered with. The rfid e seal can contain data identifying the cargo, the truck carrying it, and other information to help increase efficiency and enhance security. fully disposable and environmental friendly as it contains no battery.

How does rfid electronic seal make of

RFID Seal also calls E-seal, made of RFID chip, ABS coat, and steel string.
The chip inside: copper wire or dry inlay
Copper wire makes it more durable and stable, even shaking there is no influence for the signal transfer, also the reading distance can be longer.
Dry Inlay: use glue stick the inlay inside.
String: iron or steel
Iron: it’s easy to be rusting outside the door or moist place.
Steel: looks good than iron, will not rust.

ZBTECH is a Chinese RFID Seal Manufacturer/Vendor dedicated in RFID E Seal development.

From it’s shape and surface to chip inside, do the best to make the durable and security RFID Seals to clients.

Customize the logo or chip, used for container or machine tracking, all can be customized.

The benefits of RFID seal tag:

The significant increase in inspection rate.
Improve water & electricity meter security.
Minimize container tampering and thefts.
Increase correct collection of item.

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