RFID Tire Tags Application

Every driver must have had such a situation, tire punctured on the road, and then tangled ever after. The road becomes crowded, people get stuck in traffic, missing some important chance.

You must want to know if drivers can know when should they replace old tires. Or there is a reminder to inform them when should they change, so the accident would decline too much.

Let’s introduce this RFID Tire Tags for you, solve your problems.

RFID Tire Tag insert or stick on the tire, apply UHF chip to track every tire.

What are the functions and importance of RFID Tire tags?

Tracking by car owner and tire factory

There are two main functions of RFID Tire Tag. One is the owner of the car, who want to make management of the cars’ safety. On the other is the tire factory make the management of their assets. As we all know, keeping tires’ safety is the key point to human. According to the data statistics, due to the bad use of tires caused by accidents accounted for about 20%.

Tire use mainly depends on two aspects. first of all, the useful life of the tire. because of the climate changes vary greatly, the temperature will affect the life of the tire rubber, tire life in Asia is generally about 3 years or so.

Second, you need to consider the actual use of the tire, which is the mileage of a car. These two aspects of a tire safety assessment data, need to be tracked.

Traditional method or tracking by RFID Tire tag

For traditional method, based on the mileage of the tire to determine the tire loss. but due to the complexity and diversity of the road conditions, this judgment is the lack of accuracy.

Then there is a manual record of mileage recorded by the human, these two traditional management methods.

However, the tire does not have a separate and unique similar “ID number”. cannot achieve data tracking acquisition, it is difficult or impossible to implement a valid tire management.

In order to achieve effective management, it is necessary to use RFID on the tire. After affixing it, it is equivalent to having the “ID No.” of the tire. Corresponding to the “ID No.”, we can know the information about whether the tire to maintain a safe state, after multiple repairs, it needs to be replaced or not.

On the other hand, some enterprises are equipped with new tires for vehicles they own. but vehicle users replace the tires with old ones, which can also result in the loss of assets to the business if We can avoid these management vulnerabilities through RFID.

How to add RFID tags in the tire and effective tracking management?

Here is the process of how to add RFID Tags in the tire

rfid tire tags

After installing the RFID tire tag, we can use the UHF RFID reader to read the tag number. and then enter the corresponding vehicle license plate number into the system, while recording the tire’s mileage, the maximum mileage.

Finished the record, we can see not only the above information in the system but also can see the date of manufacture of the tire.

A record is generated, as long as reading the tire tag, you can find all the information on the tire. such as their vehicles, license plate number. if the actual tire mileage exceeds the maximum tire mileage, the system will automatically generate and issue a warning, save Warning record.

When replacing the tires, only need to select the system to choose related car license plate number to replace the tire number with the new one, no need to re-enter the record.

What’s the difference between RFID Tire Tag management and traditional ways?


Basically, the current tire management is recording the manufacturing mold number and the date. but the manufacturer will not make the number open to the public.

If the user wants to manage tires, have to stick a label. Stick a bar code or write by hand, however, all those are easy to tear off and fade. If use RFID tire tag, is durable, not easy tear off, recording & tracking so easy.

The advantages of RFID Tire Tags for management:

1, High Efficiency

Save time and labor, all those processes only need handheld RFID reader to achieve it. no need to check every tire by the human. UHF RFID reader can read the RFID tire tag in a long distance, workers only check tires around the car instead of under the car to avoid any hurt by accident.

2, Anti-theft monitoring & Mileage monitoring

The information in the RFID tire tags will be recorded when coming in and out, checked automatically. The system will be alarm when the data is not correspondence with the system, to make sure tires are original.

A reminding will pop out when mileage is approaching the max mileage, to make sure the safety of driving.

In recent years, traffic flow becomes more and more.  If unfortunate accidents happen, not only the loss of property but also leave hidden dangers for the use of roads.

From these aspects, we can see that tire management played an important roal in the driving safety. Therefore, how to improve the tire management is an issue that needs us to pay attention to it.

Stay in safety, keep a smooth road, RFID Tire Tag would achieve a lot. Need any samples for testing, email Catherine@zbtechsz.com

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