RFID Anti-metal Tags

High-temperature resistance, waterproof, acid proofing,
alkali prevention, anti-collision, suitable for the harsh environment.
Meet standard ISO 180000-6B /ISO 180000-6C
Material: ABS
Size: 135*22*12/16.5mm

RFID Anti-metal Tag
water proof anti-metal tag

1/ Stand wear and tear

ABS injection molding, robust design. can be used in a severe environment for a long time.

adhesive rfid tag

2/ Multiple installation

The rfid reusable tags can be an installation in different ways. 3M adhesive, Bolt, Rivet, magnet…

anti-metal tag

3/ Anti-metal material built-in

Metal-mount RFID Tag can work well on the metal surface and mechanical engineering.

RFID Anti-metal tag abs

4/ Waterproof and dustproof

RFID Tags made by ultrasonic packaging, sealing strong. can be in a humid environment and sand environment.

RFID Anti-metals Tag Application

When you are mounting RFID Tags on metallic surface, please noted that the RFID reader cannot read the tags.Only special designed material for metal-mount RFID tags can be workable.

The RFID anti-metal tags are designed for tagging and tracking metallic assets in the manufacturing and logistics industries. Since most of machines and containers are metallic surface. But all of them have to be tracked for management.

Also good for item identification, process control, factory automation, access control and security. what’s more, inventory control, supply chain management and large rental equipment also workable.

This tag can be mounted directly on the metal surface, using an anti-metal layer make it works.

rfid tag for container
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