RFID Checkpoint Tag

Shape: Round, never hurt your finger
Thickness: 4mm
Uses EM format RFID signal:125Khz (EM4100 or compatible chip)
Non-contact reading, reading distance:1-5cm, you do not need touch the tag.
Material: ABS Color: White or Black
Diameter: 25mm, 29.3mm, 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 52mm
With epoxy can be waterproof
Each tag come with a unique ID number
Weight: (3-5)g±0.3g
Temperature: -20 to +55 degrees Celsius

rfid checkpoint tags
checkpoint tag

1/ ABS material waterproof, it’s hard and strong.

Using inside or outside is out of the question.

rfid checkpoint tag

2/ Design for a round hole, can be fixed with a nail.

3M glue also workable if need.

rfid checkpoint tag laser number

3/ Laser number, UID number printing is available.

Get the tag number directly.


RFID Checkpoint tag

Before: Sign in by hand in the fixed point

An extra salary have to pay for the worker who supervise in the fixed point.
Record write by hand easy to be changed, missing, destroy.

sign in checkpoint tag

Now: Sign in by mobile in any place with tag

Supervisor in every place without any salary.
Record transfer to the system, each related computer can check it.

Questions about Checkpoint RFID

Where do you need Checkpoint RFID?

In many units, such as communities, hotels, factories and mines, coal mines, oil fields, telecommunications, railways, public security, post and telecommunications, electricity, municipal, public transport, warehouses and so on.
Checkpoint RFID and inspection work are very important, must strictly in accordance with the lines & time.

The function of checkpoint RFID.

The implementation of the traditional checkpoint inspection system mainly depends on the consciousness of the personnel. The managers can only make the qualitative evaluation on the record on the paper, which makes the patrol become a mere formality.

Therefore, there is an urgent need to strengthen the work evaluation and change the traditional manual forms. Checkpoint RFID tags and a system can solve this problem well and make it more scientific and accurate.

How to use checkpoint RFID?

The basic principle is to install a series of checkpoint RFID tags or cards to represent different points in the inspection circuit, and the inspectors use a hand-held detector reader to read the checkpoint tag.

When the inspection reaches each point record the number, time and condition of that point. After the completion of the inspection can upload the data to the computer software. So that you can check the details like personnel, place, time, situation, to realize of scientific management of personnel.

Why checkpoint choose the contactless device?

Contactless checkpoint machine can read the information without contact. And not affected by dust, rain, snow, ice and other environmental impacts, easy to use. 

For contact, the device must be very accurate contact with the tag, very inconvenient, especially at night. The contact device is easy to cause the trouble of frequent contact with the point. It can not be used in the environment of dust, rain, snow, and ice.

Non-contact checkpoint RFID can be embedded into the wall, its formation of protection. Contactless checkpoint RFID has the advantage of large quantity, this leads to a more competitive price.

Guard tour patrol system tag

1,RFID Checkpoint tag is convenient to set up checkpoint site & personal information.

2,It’s easy to set the work shift plan, suitable for all kinds of company’s management.

3,RFID Checkpoint system Using the tree structure make the management relationship clear.

4,Perfect data query statistics and report output function.

RFID Checkpoint for asset management

RFID asset tag


Fixed asset management is an important part of an enterprise because of its high value, diversification of varieties and uses, scattered use locations, long use cycle, and difficult management.

The difficulty of management lies in the low efficiency of the original paper identification, easy to make mistakes, low efficiency of management.

RFID asset tag for identification technology as a bridge between real assets and asset management system. With the help of network or GPRS remote transmission function, it can integrate the daily asset management activities with the system effectively.
The management includes the operations of asset addition, allocation, inventory, idle, scrap, repair, and maintenance. It includes the whole life process of equipment from purchase, uses to discard.

When the equipment is purchased, an RFID asset tag is added, and the information of the assets is written into the RFID inventory tag. Each time the asset is managed, an RFID reader or a handheld terminal reads the RFID tag on the assets and processes it according to the corresponding process, so as to achieve the efficient management of fixed assets.

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