13.56MHz HF RFID Laundry Tag Application

Based on 13.56MHz HF RFID Laundry Tag, the laundry industry to quickly collect the clothing, inventory, and make it efficient.

1 How does system work

When the system is operating at an RFID high frequency of 13.56 MHz, the communication between the electronic tag. And the reader is generally carried out by means of an inductive coupling. i.e., using an induced magnetic field for energy transfer and data exchange. The reader antenna generates an electromagnetic field. And the electronic tag antenna senses the voltage through the electromagnetic field to provide the energy of the electronic tag work. As the core of the system.

2 The structure of the system

Combined with 13.56MHz HF RFID Laundry Tag technology, can develop a system. through the cloth, uniforms on the sewing RFID tags realized the calculation of washing times. Greatly reducing labor work, because of no need to unpack, avoiding cross-infection and other issues.

2.1 hardware configuration

(1) Server.

Mainly used to install and run server-side software and database software. Relevant 13.56MHz HF RFID Laundry Tag and their corresponding information are also stored in the server.

(2) Computer.

Which is used to collect the RFID tag information received through the reader antenna? As well as, transmit the packet to the server side storage backup in real time by synchronizing the update?

(3) RFID laundry tag.

Is sewn on each piece of clothing or cloth, as the only identification of each. Every electronic tag has a unique code, to avoid duplication of records. The code storing in the server, and the recording at each washing, such as the number of times, the washing time, the washing place.

(4) Reader.

13.56MHz HF RFID Laundry Tag can be read/written for registration of clothing or linen. When the RFID laundry tag is sewn on the clothes or cloth, which can be registered. Through the RFID reader, encoding the id number of RFID tag. Connected with corresponding clothes/linen type, fabric type, size, color, brand, washing process and other related information through the computer. Recorded in the server for each Wash when called.

(5) Clothing inventory tunnel.

The clothing inventory tunnel is the integration of the RFID reader and antenna with the tunnel. When the garment or cloth of the 13.56MHz HF RFID Laundry Tag is sewn through the tunnel, can be read by the reader and its antenna integrated with the inner wall of the tunnel. The information in the tag transferring to the computer, and the computer transmits the laundry information to the server in real time.

13.56MHz HF RFID Laundry Tag

At present, there are two types of clothing delivery:

1) manual clothing inventory tunnel.

Mainly for small quantities of clothes or linen, to take a single or a few pieces of clothing. The main advantage of the tunnel is its small and flexible, easy to install, for the clothing to send and receive personal, its easy to use, you can achieve the effect of clothing or linen with the vote, to save the waiting and inventory time. But the drawback is that the tunnel diameter is small, unable to meet the requirements of large quantities of clothing delivery.

2) conveyor belt inventory.

Mainly for large quantities of clothes or linen, due to the integration of the automatic conveyor belt, only need put in the tunnel entrance, through the automatic conveyor belt to the exit, at the same time finished the process of calculating by 13.56MHz HF RFID Laundry Tag technology to complete the inventory. The advantages of the channel are that diameter is large, can accommodate large quantities of clothing or linen at the same time, for the clothing to send and receive personal, you can avoid unpacking, a substantial increase in efficiency.

2.2 software configuration

For the RFID laundry management system independent research and development management software, including the following functions:

(1) clothing registration.

This function consists of the issuing machine and the registration function module. Whenever the unregistered clothing arrives, the registrant writes the user and the clothing information into the RFID tag through the issuing machine and transmits the information to the server for storage backup.

(2) clothing inventory.

This function consists of RFID reader and inventory function module. When the clothing through the cast channel, the RFID reader will receive the RFID tag information sent to the personal computer, through the inventory function module for fast, efficient and accurate counting. After completing the inventory action, the system will automatically generate a form containing the summary information, with the paper printer can print it out after the signature stub.

(3) clothing checking.

This function consists of a clothing checking function module. You can check the state of the clothes, such as the clothes in the state of delivery or on the shelves and so on. Can provide detailed data for staff and managers. If necessary, you can print the query data or dump Excel format.

(4) to take clothing statistics.

This function consists of statistical modules. Can be based on time, customer categories and other conditions, statistical data for decision-makers to provide the basis. If necessary, you can print the statistical data, dump Excel format.

(5) customer management.

This function consists of a customer management module. You can list the different needs of various types of customers and the type of laundry. You can effectively manage the customer base for the user to provide customers with a good tool.

(6) system settings.

This function completes system management such as system configuration, language, type of clothes, set up administrator and operator and password.

3 Summary

Based on 13.56MHz HF RFID Laundry Tag technology to achieve the laundry industry inventory, greatly improve work efficiency and reduce mistakes rate.

Compared with the traditional manual management, the system also has the following advantages.

(1) to reduce the manual management, easy to use; (2) to improve efficiency and economic benefits, cost savings, reduce costs; (4) the system is sensitive and reliable, safe and durable equipment; (5) can accurately distinguish between customer categories, easy to carry out customer management and maintenance; (6) the number of clothes or linen timely loss and replacement, to keep it clean. Record and save customer information and laundry records, you can always check the information.

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