The right solution for identification & tracking

rfid security

Save time

The RFID solution save 90% time to collect data & find an item than human in the warehouse

rfid sticker

Make life easier

Say goodbye to queen up for events & concerts. Through away your wallet and keys in the entertainment & water park

rfid label

Keep Security

RFID solution achieve Anti-fake & protect your brand, Encrypt your chip, cannot read without your permission

rfid tags

Wide Application

From small items to big machines, animals to human beings, all of them can be tracked


Experienced /Effective /Trusted

We’ve changed many industries to some extent with our RFID Solutions.

We will give you proposal with full set once you share your idea and function-wanted.

We solved 1500+ cases from 80+ countries, signed 100+ NDA. Let us to be your partner now!

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