RFID Nail Tag is the manager of trees

RFID Nail Tag cut down the cost

Do you expect to cut the price of durian?

Answer: Yes for both consumers & orchard worker

Do you want to become Tree Professional in a short time?

Answer: Yes to everyone

Maybe you do not agree with the above answers and confusing why list those questions mixed, right? Any relationship between those questions?

Before there is no relationship, but now a little tag can make them related– RFID Nail Tag.

RFID Nail Tag Satifty your desires

Let’s show you the evidence, you will agree with those answers.

Do you expect to cut the price of durian?

–Answer: Yes for both consumers & orchard workers.

An interview start:

A: Do you like durian?

B: Yes, like it very much!

A: How often do you buy it?

B: Not very often, it’s very expensive!

A: Do you expect to cut the price of durian?

B: Yes, certainly, but I think it’s hard to cut the price down!

A: Do you like durian?

C: No, I do not like it.

A: Do you expect to cut the price of durian?

C: It’s OK, my grandmother like it, can cut the price down, I think I can buy more often from my grandmother.

A: Do you like durian?

D:Yes, I plant durian, it can bring money to me.

A: Do you expect to cut the price of durian?

D:No, my price is really Economic compared with my hard-working, only small profit for me, there is no way to cut the price down.

A: I can understand it, can you please explain why the price is high?

D:Well! As you know Land resources are limited, not every tree can be Rich in fruits, someone even no good fruit can be sold out. However, all those trees should be equal treatment, I do not know which one would have a good harvest. What I can do only pray.

A: If the output improves 300% with the same labor, are you willing to cut a little down?

D:Output improve 300% with the same labor? Are you joking? If you can help me make it, I am willing to cut down 15%.

You see, most of them are willing to cut down the price of the durian, how to benefit both parts? Let’s ask RFID Nail tag help us make it.

How does RFID Nail Tag cut down the price

Firstly, what’s RFID Nail Tag

You will doubt that, if it is a nail, how to say protect tree? RFID nail tag is a shape of the nail, made of ABS material with RFID chip inside, usually two kinds of shape, big head nail, and small head nail.rfid nail tag

Passive 125KHz or 13.56MHz nail in or push in RFID tags with operating temperature of -40C ~ +85C. A hole must be drilled before a tag is inserted or tapped in gently. Suitable for any application where a read distance of up to 50 mm is needed (depends on the reader).

How does RFID Nail Tag help improve the output?

As D said, Land resources are limited, not every tree can be Rich in fruits, someone even no good fruit can be sold out, but he did not know which one is bad. If there is a data file showing to you every year’s output of each tree, and you compared with some years data, do you know which one is good, which one is bad now? 

Of course, this is a simple question even for children. So let’s drill a hole for each tree, and insert an RFID Nail tag, encoded the date of applying fertilizer, output, the delicious degree of fruits and others the planter care about.

Connected with the system, and export the form with all details. Just need 2-3 years, you can kick out the bad one, and make much use of the land resources. Not much long time, all of your land are full of good trees with high output. You see output improve 300% with the same labor is not joking. Even planter cut down 15% price, more profits than before. For consumers, getting excellent quality and reasonable price fruits. Only this, is a sustainable development way.

RFID Nail Tag help you to become a tree expert

Do you want to become a tree expert in a short time?

Answer: Yes to everyone

It is familiar to you that situation happens below

Your friend: Do you know that tree’s name?

You: I do not know

Your friend: let’s go around to see any label indicated?

You: Yeah, this tree has a name, called gingko

Your friend: How about that one?

You: There is no label, may be destroyed by the bad weather. What’s a pity!

Your friend: see some others, you see, this is strange, why those two trees look different, but with the same name on the label.

You: I am confused, what are their real names?

Lable is wrong, the name is wrong

Do you know what happened with those trees’ label? Exchanged by the human on purpose or maybe unintentional. The result is that most of us do not know what the tree really is. If we use RFID Nail tag, this kind of things would not happen again.

Tree managers will insert the RFID nail tag in the tree with the name, diameter, habit of growth, any transplant before. For the tourist, only use their NFC mobile phone, scan the tag, can get all those information and store in mobile. Even though the first time sees such a tree, everyone can be professional for all trees’ details.

In China, applied such RFID nail tag for ancient & famous trees

As we know Ancient trees, Famous wood is a symbol of history and culture, is a country or a long history & culture of witness, has important humanities and scientific value, by plant experts called living and green artifacts.

How to protect ancient and famous trees, have a more scientific means, that is, RFID nail tag, with advanced information management, the implementation of intelligent management of old and famous trees. (Old trees refer to trees more than 100 years old. Famous trees refer to rare and domestic and foreign trees with historical value, commemorative significance and important scientific value.)

The old trees were implanted RFID electronic chip. encode the age, subject, protection of living conditions and other information into the chip. The plastic nail tag does not adversely affect the health of the trees themselves. 

After being implanted, the chip is excited by an RFID data collector to read the information of the old trees stored in the chip. Once the old tree gets ill, managers can check the data in the nail tag. when the water poured, what fertilizer applied, had any disease, whether moved before, etc.

As for now, do you agree with the answers?

Benefits of RFID Nail Tag

Let me show you the pros of RFID Nail tag compared with traditional

* More efficient, saving human resources

* Data is reliable and reduce error

* Unique ID number for tree

* Data can be stored & collected

* Cultivation and management: The conservationist scientifically nurtures the production cycle of each old tree, nurtures the contents and services according to the quantity of the electronic tags, and ensures the normal growth of the famous ancient trees

* Patrol management: regular patrolling and inspection of trees, scanning and tagging for each inspection, so that the nail tag is “live”, every time you scan the tag to see the production status of trees and make science protection.

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