7 steps to cut down the communication time with RFID Tags factory

Many industrials see the advantages of RFID technology as compared to the simple bar-code. So that demand increased too much in recent years.

The RFID tag stored all the necessary information about a given pallet, box or product and was readable without line of sight. The time saved checking in shipments and waiting around for shipments to arrive decreased significantly. RFID enables companies to save money by utilizing time more efficiently.

However, before starting to use the RFID Technology, 7 factors to cut down the communication time with RFID tags factory, here is the list:

1/ Find out the problem you have which RFID tags factory can be solved.

#low efficiency, #untraceable, #human error

2/ Which objects or people you want to track.

#Metal, #liquid, #people access (wristband, Card)

3/ What distance each object or people need to be identified & tracked.

#Passive: LF/HF/UHF #Active (accuracy)

4/ What is the working environment.

#High temperature resistance, #water-proof, #outside

5/ Your budget for the project.

#one time use, #multi-time use, #large quantity, #small quantity

6/ Prepared the whole system

#Networking branches, #handhold or fixed

7/ Training of your employees

#Trainning course

Here we will explain one by one to you.

1/ Find out the problem you have which RFID tags can be solved.

Low efficiency

Time is money, save time means to get more profits, do you agree? But in many industrials, low efficiency is their pain spot.

In the supermarket, you feel anxious to see so many customers queue up. But you have no idea to make the cashier fast. Make the scanner facing directly to the barcode one by one. How many items customer buy, how many times the cashier need the scan.

In the warehouse, the workers should count items one by one, then write it down. At least 5-6 workers working for one or two days. At the same time, other processes have to stop it.

You will ask if RFID Technology can solve the problem of low efficiency? The answer is yes.

Stick a UHF label on each item, the reader can recognize multi labels at the same time (liquid & metal should deal with it separately). Means that collect the data of 20-30 items time is the same as collect one. In other words, you have to queue up for 20 minutes before, but now only 2 minutes. 5-6 workers cost two days before, now only one person for 2 hours. Let’s say goodbye to low efficiency.


Do you know the age of the fruiter tree, how about the harvest of each fruiter tree every year? Which one is more delicious and which fruiter tree should be weed out? Maybe you have no idea since there is no data for reference. There is no doubt that the land and resource are underused.

Do you want to know what in the container without opening it or checking the paper document? You may say, oh, no, I don’t have X-ray vision, I have to cost time to open it.

What’s the reason caused above problems? It’s untraceable.

RFID Technology also does not have X-ray vision, but it can tell you what inside only encoded in advance!

RFID Technology like the ID card for fruiter trees, encoding their age, name, the development of growing. Once you comparing those data file, you can pick up the good and bad. Make the most use of the land and resource.

Human error

Whether you encounter such thing, after waiting for a long time to queue up, the cashier tells you, sorry the price on the price label is wrong, maybe our sales put the wrong label.

I wondered how you felt about it?  Cost high and take so long time. But you can do nothing, human error is an inevitable and Very high probability.

However, human error can be reduced by RFID Technology dramatically. As for this problem, an electronic shelf label can solve it perfectly.

2/ Which objects or people you want to track.

Metal machine asset

Metal machine asset management is a heavy task for manufacturers, to make sure every process of production goes smoothly. Route checking is important. Stick a label on the machine, you will find if damaged you can get nothing about the check date. On the other hand, it’s limited to write down enough information.

You may want to use RFID Technology to solve this problem. It’s a wise choice. But you must choose anti-metal tags, or there is no use when sticking on the metal machine.  Also, do not use paper material, not durable and non-waterproof. ABS anti-metal tag would be a good choice, no matter from the use condition or cost. As many of our clients apply it for ink barrel management, container management I have to say it’s very smart.


I have to say liquid products is really a challenge. RFID Label cannot workably stick on the bottle, but that is not mean cannot use RFID Technology to manage. Stick on the side of the bottle, make sure the chip and antenna not close to the bottle body. Then scan it, yeah, it’s working.

The other great function for liquid products is anti-fake. Fragile paper material is the key point. When clients open the lid of the bottle, like wine, the tag destroyed and can not use any more. Before that, customers can scan the label to get the verification information.  Protect your brand & reputation, cannot wait anymore.

People access

70% of the body is water if you want to plan to track people with a long distance like 3-5m with passive tags. I have to say, normal UHF tag can’t make it. For the special one,  you should improve your budget.

As for people access function, we suggest use LF or HF is better than UHF. LF & HF is anti-collision. Within the distance only read one tag per time, someone entered into than read the next, misreading will not happen.

3/ What distance each object or people need to be identified & tracked.

People usually used for projects are two kinds of tags, passive tag & active tag. A passive tag has LF, HF, UHF, and reading distance are different.

LF & HF can be read at 0-5 cm according to the tag size and the power of the reader. For employee’s ID cards, animals’ ear tag, LF used too much. What the function only need is to get the ID number of each object, and must close to the item to avoid misread.

HF used many in NFC application, payment, access control, e-ticket and etc. Embedded in a wristband, PVC cards, plastic material. People only need to wave their hands close to the reader, then get past. Almost in concert ticket, water park ticket, and amusement payment…

UHF tags mainly for vehicle management, asset management, and pallet manage. Reading distance from 0-10m according to the working environment and reader power.

If need track accuracy position or more than 10m, it’s better to choose an active tag or GPS technology.

4/ What is the working environment.

#High temperature resistance, #water-proof, #outside

The working environment determined the material of the tags should be used. Even for high-temperature resistance should tell us how high the temperature and last for how long time. Only in this way, right tags can be suggested. Like PPS, silicone, ceramic, or customized material.

On the other hand,  you may need water-proof. It’s should put outside to resistant for the rainy day, or need to sew it on the clothing, can be washable? What’s more, wearing on hand took into the swimming pool. All those water-proof would be much different.

What’s more, where should be put on for the RFID Tags? Some clients need a large size but others need a small size. Suitable tags will be provided according to your workable space. If there is no limited but request long reading distance, the bigger the better.

5/ Your budget for the project.

#one time use, #multi-time use, #large quantity, #small quantity

When you plan a project, you must have a target price for this project. Maybe you do not have an idea about the tag price. Or you even do not want to tell your supplier how much you want to spend on this. However, one thing you have to tell to make the project move on.

The important thing is the quantity you want to use for this project, for one-time use or multi-time use. Why you should consider this question? Without quantity, you can not get the exact price. For the other hand, if you want a large quantity with one time use, but the supplier gives you a durable tag price. There is no doubt that you will not adopt their proposal. The price must far beyond your target, and on your suppliers’ side, even without any profit, still cannot meet your target. You may lose confidence to go on your project.

In the country, your project needs durable tags with a small quantity, but the supplier quoted you a cheaper price to attract you. What’s the result? You have to spend more to replace all of those tags in the short time.

So make everything clear would be a great help to move on the projects.

6/ Prepared the whole system.

#Networking branches, #handhold or fixed

RFID Tags are much different from other items, without system and readers, RFID tags are useless. Before you seek advice for the RFID Tags, please take the system into consideration.

How to collect those data by handheld or fixed reader? Whether those data should be networking? Do you have a system and software to control the information? Only confirmed all those questions, then you can choose the tags which are workable for your system.

Besides, if you need software, it’s better customized locally. After service is important.

7/ Training of your employees.

The last thing, you should think about how to train your employees. The usage of tags, and the collection of data. To make sure your data information is security.

After above 7 steps before you communicate with the factory, I think can save much time with limited emails.

If you think this is helpful or have any questions just leave your comments! or email catherine@zbtechsz.com.

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