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ntag 213 rfid checkpoint tags
ntag213 checkpoint tag
RFID Checkpoint tag
rfid guard

RFID Checkpoint Tag

Description of rfid checkpoint tag

Shape: Round, never hurt your finger
Thickness: 4mm
Uses EM format RFID signal:125Khz (EM4100 or compatible chip)
Non-contact reading, reading distance:1-5cm, you do not need touch the tag.

Usage life 20 years
Write Endurance 100000 times
Memory Retention 10 years

Each tag come with a unique ID number
Weight: (3-5)g±0.3g
Temperature: -20 to +55 degrees Celsius

Material: ABS       Color: White or Black
Diameter: 25mm, 29.3mm, 30mm, 34mm, 35mm, 40mm, 52mm
With expory can be waterproof

Why do you need to use RFID Checkpoint Tag?

Before: Sign in by hand in the fixed point

An extra salary have to pay for the worker who supervise in the fixed point.
Record write by hand easy to be changed, missing, destroy.

Now: Sign in by mobile in any place with tag

Supervisor in every place without any salary.
Record transfer to the system, each replated computer can check it.

How to use?

1.Place the RFID checkpoint tags along the patrol route;

2.Installing the software on the computer, setting the patrol plan and time ,etc.

3.Arranging the patrolman to tour the mounted rfid tags as your request;

4.Downloading the data after patrolman finished their tour everyday. the patrol system software will deal with the data to show the people, time, route. you also can download in excel or pdf format, can edit, print.

What you can get from the rfid checkpoint tag?

1,RFID Checkpoint tag is convenient to set up checkpoint site & personal information.

2,It’s easy to set the work shift plan, suitable for all kinds of company’s management.

3,RFID Checkpoint system Using the tree structure make the management relationship clear.

4,Perfect data query statistics and report output function.

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