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uhf rfid laundry tag
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UHF RFID Laundry Tag

Reflection time:0.01MS
Chip:Alien H3
Reading distance:2-200cm
Max use times: more than 100,000
Working temperature:-25°C to +180°C
Store temperature:-25°C to +90°C
Shaking:ISO/IEC 68.2.6 (10g, 10..2000Hz, 3 axis, 2.5h)
Mechanical shock:ISO/IEC 68.2.27 (100g, 6ms, 6 axis, 20 times per axis)

UHF RFID Laundry Tag

uhf rfid laundry tag

Application:Identification & anti-counterfeiting,logistics tracking,automation in industry,laundry,chemical raw material electric power identification.

Perfect Choice UHF RFID Laundry Tag

rfid laundry tag

UHF RFID Laundry Tag for sorting & checking full-automatic

RFID Laundry tag based on the UHF technology realize the full-automatic collecting, sorting, checking, and sending clothes, improved the efficiency and reduced error rate.

The benefits of managing by UHF RFID Laundry Tag

Reduce manual management, easy to use. Improve work efficiency and economic efficiency, economize on personnel expenses, lower the cost.
automatic design, improve service quality. Distinguish between customer categories and how many discounts they own accurately.

System sensitive reliability, equipment safety, and durability.

Record and keep customer information and laundry records, can query and print records at any time.

This UHF RFID Laundry tag is small and thin, durable, no need to worry about water and temperature, suitable for any clothes, will not influence the comfortable when wearing it.

RFID laundry tag is waterproof, withstand voltage, heatproof, alkali resistance, can be reused in washing, drying, ironing and pressing.

UHF RFID tags can be read in a long distance in bulk, no need one by one, saved a lot of labor and much time, also can tracking the process during the work.

With the fastest way get the feedback when the washing finished and inform your clients coming to collect it. In a large part, give your clients a good experience and avoided mistakes.

UHF RFID laundry tag would be a good partner of hotel, hospitals, and restaurants.

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