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rfid rubber wristband
rfid rubber bracelets
rfid rubber bracelet
rfid rubber bracelet

RFID Rubber Wristband

Crafts:Laser (Logo, UID, Serial NO.)


LF (125KHZ): EM4100,EM4102,EM4450,TK4100,T5557,Hitag1,
HF (13.56MHZ): S50, S70,Ultralight 10,DESFire41,ICODE1,ICODE2,Ti2048,Ti256

Color: red,orange,yellow,green,blue,black

Non-toxic, enviornment-friendly, non-corrosive, anticoagulant, degradable,disinfection is allowed

RFID Rubber Wristband

RFID rubber Wristband

Access control, hotel locks, staff attendance, school campus access, membership management, payment control, identification and security systems, parking lot entry, social security management, transportation, municipal and ancillary service.

Perfect Choice RFID Rubber Wristband

round rfid silicone wristband

RFID Rubber Wristband

With the complete of management system, RFID Rubber Wristband imported in jail management. Each wristband with a laser number, which is the code of criminal. rfid wristband embodied the RFID chip, storing the information of criminals, name, age, date of birth, type of criminals, and photo. Also controlled the permission places, which can be accessed by this rfid wristband.

At the same time, forbiding misuse of others rfid wristband, once pass by the reader, the photo displayed, only matched with the person can be allowed to pass. if not match, both of them would be punished by exchange rfid wristband in private.

In the jail, some classes will be arranged for them, like the education of thought, culture & technology, at this time, the Rubber RFID Wristband can be the check tools. Just check the system, where and where are they, everything clear.

Gradually, prisoners are slowly rewired and re-moulded by working in factory, farm, and handwork. All those details would be recorded in the rfid wristband. Then out the form from system, the jail manager can get the details for every criminals. In a large part, rfid rubber wristband improved the management in jail.

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