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proximity rfid wristband
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Proximity RFID Wristband

Crafts:Laser (Logo, UID, Serial NO.)

LF (125KHZ): TK4100,EM4200,EM4305,T5577
HF (13.56MHZ): FM 1108, s50, Ultralight,I code2, Ntag 213

Color: red,orange,yellow,green,blue,black

Non-toxic, enviornment-friendly, non-corrosive, anticoagulant, degradable,disinfection is allowed

Proximity RFID Wristband

proximity rfid wristband

Access control, hotel locks, staff attendance, school campus access, membership management, payment control, identification and security systems, parking lot entry, social security management, transportation, municipal and ancillary service.

Perfect Choice Proximity RFID Wristband

proximity rfid wristband

Proximity RFID Wristband Used all kinds of access control system

Have you ever take part in the group travel? Every time before you get on the bus, have to double check whether this is the right bus. If you get the wrong one, you can not know it right now.

To give travelers good and relax experience, a traveling company apply Proximity RFID Wristbands. Every traveler will be given an RFID Wristband with the companys logo, once get on the bus, should wave your hand near the RFID reader, only with bee like our normal bus card, you can confirm you get on the right bus. If there is no such reader or with bee, bee, bee, bee… you have to find another bus at once. Never worry about being taken to some other place together with other group travel especially in holiday, all crowed with people.

On the other hand, all those Proximity RFID Wristband like a moving adverting. Displaying on every place the travelers go, whats more, they must take photos, share with their friends. obviously, your logo also show to their friends.

Have to say, with proximity rfid wristband in traveling is a win-win situation.

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